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Tool Remanufacturing

In an effort to keep consumable costs down and machines turning, our tool and cutter grinding division specializes in revitalizing used and worn cutting tools. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, our experienced machinists CNC sharpen and remanufacture a variety of tooling. Using Walter 5-axis grinders, TruTech OD machines, surface grinders, along with a whole supporting line of manual tool and cutter grinders allow us to resharpen cutting tools for a fraction of the price of buying new.

Remanufacturing Capabilitites

  • Endmills (HSS, Carbide, Tapered, Radius, Ball, Chamfer)

  • Roughers/Hogmills

  • Drills (HSS, Carbide, Spade, Core, NC Spot)

  • Reamers

  • Annular Cutters/Rotobroaches

  • Keyway/Keyseat Cutters

  • T-Slot Cutters

  • Punch & Die

  • Crest Kut/ Wave Cut

  • Milling Cutters

  • Counter Sinks

  • Taps

  • Thread Chasers

  • Gear Hobs/Shaper Cutters

Custom Tooling Per Print

From custom dovetails to full form profile cutters. Send us a quote and we will follow up with a prompt response.

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