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Inventory Management Solutions


SupplyPro Point-of-Use devices deliver control and accountability via a wide variety of devices for easy, flexible automated inventory control at the work cell. Whether you need single-item Absolute Control® to wireless barcode scanning, your Industrial Vending solution is tailored exactly to your facility needs.

Industrial Vending

Point of Use Dispensing is a SIMPLE, straightforward method of making materials available directly at the work cell: 

  • Reduce Tooling cost

  • Reduce "down time"

  • Increases productivity

  • Provides a high degree of accountability

  • Reduces consumption

  • Increase Profitability

How Vending Works


  • Tailored SupplyPro devices are placed by the work cell with inventory and supplies designed to support the employees in each POU location

  • An employee swipes their ID badge or enters their unique PIN number to select requested product(s) based on their employee profile

  • Hardware and software resident with the local SupplyPro device authenticates their access and profile to confirm the employee may complete the requested transaction

  • The product is immediately available based on successful validation of the employee's request 

  • Once the item is dispensed, a transaction is recorded for each event within the SupplyPro device and uploaded to SupplyPort for tracking and reporting and automated reordering
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