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Cutter Body Repair/Custom Design and Build

By partnering with the industry leaders in high tech machining, we are able to offer the highest quality repair options for your damaged cutter bodies. With lead times from 1-5 days, you can get your custom, rare, or hard to find cutter back in the machine. For fast quotes, take a picture of your cutter body and email it to

Repairable Styles of Indexable Cutter Bodies:

  • Endmills (Single or Multi Flute)

  • Face Mills

  • Drills

  • Cartridges

  • Keyway/Keyseat Cutters

  • T-Slot Cutters

  • Trepan Cutters

  • Boring Tools

  • Multi-Diameter Boring Tools

  • Gear Hobs/Shaper Cutters

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