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PVD Tool Coating 


Adding a coating to your cutting tools can save your company money by increasing their strength and resilience while improving the tool's qualities in many ways. 


  • Enhance Performance by reducing friction against work piece and chips. Reduce spindle torque and vibration, resulting in a better surface finish.

  • Increase Speed and feed by 30-200% 

  • Longer Lasting tool life by up to five times. Protect carbides binder from deterioration.

  • Temperature Resistance of up to 1100 degrees C

MDC Coating
Molecular Dense Coating

Molecular Dense Coating (MDC) is a hard PVD coating used for the application in high heat, and difficult to cut material applications. MDC coating significantly increases the heat and scratch resistance of the tool making it ideal for use in applications where the temperature dramatically increases during the cutting process. 

AlTiN Coating
Aluminum Titanium Nitride

Aluminum Titanium Nitride is a PVD coating developed for the use in high heat applications. Benefits of AlTiN coating include an increased hardness at high temperatures in comparison to TiN, as well as an increased corrosion resistance with little dimensional impact.

Advanced Titanium Nitride

Titanium Nitride is an extremely hard, PVD coating most commonly used in the coating of carbide cutting tools. Boasting an ideal combination of hardness, resilience, adhesion and inertness, Super-TiN coating is the most common PVD coating in use today. 

Additional Coatings Upon Request

Looking for a specialized coating? Contact a Swift Tool representative for information and pricing.

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